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21 February, 2013



If you have already visited us at some point, you must know that as soon as you arrive at our luxury hotel in the Mediterranean  the first thing that amazes you is our Palapa at the entrance hall.

luxury-hotel-in-spain, 5-star-hotel-in-spain, luxury-resort-in-spain
For those of you who haven’t been able to visit us yet, you should know that Palapas are open homes out in nature with dry-palm-tree roofs built on simple wooden posts. Every time we see these homes in idyllic images they make us dream of a paradise somewhere far away.

luxury-hotel-in-spain, 5-star-hotel-in-spain, luxury-resort-in-spain
Well, in our very own paradise on the shores of the Mediterranean, the Asia Gardens, we wanted to make sure not to leave out this typical construction native to the Philippines, although it might seem to be from somewhere else. The Palapas are generally associated to Mexican paradises, but its true origin is Asia.

luxury-hotel-in-spain, 5-star-hotel-in-spain, luxury-resort-in-spain
The exact word is PALAPAES and it means “fleshy leaf” due to the different types of palm tree leaves used on the roof of these homes. It is peculiar that this type of home was more successful in Mexico than the typical constructions brought from Europe, the old continent; this was due to the fact that they were built to stand extreme hot temperatures, keep the lower parts cool and give shade, offering shelter from the sun in the tropics.

The  Asia Gardens Palapa  is the tallest one in Spain, 20 impressive metres high, and one of the tallest in Europe.
We wanted to make sure we to give a certain leading role to something as special as the Palapas so we decided to name one of our restaurants after them: the Palapa Restaurant.

luxury-hotel-in-spain, 5-star-hotel-in-spain, luxury-resort-in-spain
In this restaurant, one of the seven restaurants in our luxury resort in Alicante, you will be able to sample Mediterranean cuisine as you enjoy one of the best views of the pools and gardens in the hotel… yet another clear example of the so called Asian luxury.
We would like to make sure to share with you something quite uncanny that we have come across on the internet as we were looking up further information regarding the Palapa…Apparently, the term is fading away, and you have the chance to “sponsor” it by clicking on this link of a website that has surprised us and made us smile.

luxury-hotel-in-spain, 5-star-hotel-in-spain, luxury-resort-in-spain

When you come to visit us, you will not be able to avoid looking upwards… We, at the Asia Gardens, would also like to make you smile with our Palapa. There is no need to go to the Tropics in order to visit one of them…you can find them a lot closer than that: in the Mediterranean.

As always…we look forward to seeing you soon.

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